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04 Dec 18

Are you ready for Winter?

In preparation for the onset of winter there are a few things to consider which may effect your ability to have some jobs completed when your or your customers sites are frozen.

The Met Office has stated that “Parts of the country could see snow from around a week before Christmas through until the New Year, we are looking at 12 days of Christmas snow at least” and “It is going to be astonishingly cold across this region and in parts of the UK during this period as this huge area of freezing cold air flows around us.”

Many vehicles used for transporting liquid waste and jetting are unusable at these times as even if they are stored under cover the windchill when travelling on the road freezes the water in there tanks and effects there ability to operate valves etc.

So if you want to avoid aborted jobs and the cost and delays that they bring, consider emptying your waste tanks, bunds and completing jetting and cleaning jobs before these freezing conditions arrive.

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