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14 Jun 21

Alpheus celebrates 30 years of delivering sustainable water solutions

AEL 30

Alpheus Environmental Ltd., the water and wastewater asset management company, today begins celebrating 30 years of delivering sustainable water solutions across the UK, making it one of the longest serving water sector contractors in the UK.

The company, which is part of the Anglian Water Group, is headquartered in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, and employs around 50 people across the UK. It has become the UK’s leading independent provider of water and wastewater asset management services, providing bespoke solutions to help clients achieve their sustainability goals. The innovative wastewater technologies it offers enables the recycling of wastewater for re-use in the manufacturing process and the production of renewable energy from waste, a by-product of the treatment process.

Alpheus works with a range of clients in the private and public sector. Its’ clients include some of the world’s global brands in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and food and beverage sectors. The company boasts an impressive client retention rate and is now in its’ 24th year of offering operations and management (O&M) services to Derby City Council for their business park at Pride Park.

In recent months Alpheus has announced contract renewals with several existing clients including The Belfry, Liberty Steel and Prince’s Foods. It has also secured contracts with new clients, (with announcements expected later this month).    

Alpheus has grown organically through the delivery of compliant water services, helping clients to achieve sustainable growth, improve resilience, protect the environment and reduce carbon use. The company has seen an increasing understanding of the role that effective water and wastewater management plays in achieving environmental and sustainability targets, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

While wastewater infrastructure has traditionally collected, treated and disposed of sewage, there is growing awareness that wastewater treatment plants are not simply waste disposal facilities – they can be water resource recovery facilities that produce clean water and recover nutrients, (such as phosphorus and nitrogen), with the potential to reduce human dependence on fossil fuels through the production and use of renewable energy.

In October 2020, Alpheus won ‘Best Anaerobic Digestion/Biogas Support’ at the 2020 ‘AD and Biogas Industry Awards’ hosted by ADBA (an internationally focused industry body) for its’ work in supporting Glenmorangie Distillery in Tain, Scotland.  

As part of its’ celebrations for its’ 30th birthday, Alpheus will be reflecting back on the great work done by its’ teams over the last three decades, as well as looking forward to new opportunities.

Managing Director, Declan Maguire, said: “We’re very proud of this milestone achievement – of the clients we have, and have worked with, and of the people who work for us and continually look for ways to deliver better for our customers.

Five years ago we changed direction as a company, and in the last year we’ve seen this change of strategy really start to come to fruition. Having recently signed some exciting new contracts with new clients, and renewed several existing contracts, the future looks extremely positive for Alpheus. We also have a healthy pipeline of opportunities and an increasingly strong brand presence and awareness in the UK.

Over the past thirty years everyone has been looking inwards - at how we can reduce waste, do things more efficiently, and reduce the overall impact of our business activities on our environment. We have to start giving more thought to the demand for clean water and the potential value in the ‘waste’ sent out of our facilities. The demand for water and energy to produce our food is going to be greater than ever.

In the years to come we’ll need to reimagine the ‘waste’ water we produce, breaking it down into its constituent parts and deriving the value inherently bound up within. We need to consider producing usable carbon dioxide from our biogas, as opposed to emitting it into the atmosphere in which it is contributing to the problem. We also need to explore how we’re re-using biosolids, (the valuable by-product of the water treatment process), and how we can store the power we generate.

The opportunities to innovate are endless and the will is there. Alpheus will continue to be there to help our customers access and install the best technologies to achieve their sustainability and carbon targets”.